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Ten Paperbacks for Fall 2015

Does it strike you as odd that while the majority of books sold are paperbacks, most websites and almost all newspapers and magazines devote their coverage to books in hardcover?

It did to me when I started BookBrowse 17 years ago next month, which is why from the beginning we've made sure to give coverage to books in both hardcover and paperback.

Even if you read ebooks it's still good to know when the paperback releases as that usually coincides with a price drop on the electronic version. Book club members should also keep an eye on paperback release dates as by the time the paperback comes out (usually 6-12 months after the hardcover) there are a wealth of buying and borrowing options to suit all members of the club.

In fact, even if you borrow from the library it can come in handy to be reminded of paperback publication dates, as the mad dash to request a limited supply of library copies when a book first releases usually dies down after a few months, so seeing a book is out in paperback can prompt to you put in a request at a time when many fewer are ahead of you in the line to read.


A Dozen Nonfiction Books for Fall 2015

Dear BookBrowsers

Fall is a great time for nonfiction. Early September tends to be the domain of big-budget fiction releases. Once these are out into the wild, publishers turn their attention to the rest of the season's books including their nonfiction titles. Here are a dozen books that I think all nonfiction aficionados will want to know about.

Thanks for reading!

Davina, BookBrowse Founder & Editor


Ten of the Best Fall 2015 Mysteries Set in Exotic Locations

At BookBrowse, we love mysteries, and we love traveling to interesting new places between the pages of good books. Put the two together and you get this month's special edition of BookBrowse Highlights: ten recently published or soon to publish mysteries set in far flung locations including China, Kenya, India, France, Bosnia, South Korea, Israel, Italy and Australia. Whether you like your mysteries cozy or hard-boiled, classic or thrilling, we've got you covered!


Ten Funny Books for Book Clubs

Dear BookBrowsers,

Sadly, summer is mostly in the rear-view mirror now and while there's still time for barbecues and watermelon, the annual ritual of reading often prescribes light reads for the summer and more "serious" literature for fall.

This doesn't mean that we can't lighten up our reading with picks from the humor and satire pile, or indulge droll and dry wit. After all, laughter is the best prescription. And while the book club selections in this list might not be laugh-out-loud funny, they're sure to bring a smile to your face. If you'd like to, please share your own recommendations by posting at the bottom.

Your editor,


A Dozen of The Best Books Publishing in Fall 2015

As a true book lover you know: summer is all very well for an occasional guilty pleasure and a whole pile of page-turners to tote to the beach but the real serious lifting -- both literally and metaphorically -- in terms of reading comes with the turn of the leaves in fall.

This season we have many heavy hitters from darlings of the literary fiction world such as Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Franzen, and also remarkable work from newer talent to keep an eye out for. Here are a dozen we have our sights trained on. Feel free to add your recommendations for upcoming fall releases as well.


Book Club Recommendations: Books Set in Russia & About Russians

Dear BookBrowsers,

The Cold War might be a thing of the past but the "Red Menace" still rules the West's collective imagination. For those of us who remember the duck-and-cover drills, the race to space and the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which world geopolitics permeated everyday lives, a peek behind the Iron Curtain is as fascinating as it is informative. We present here a mix of fiction and nonfiction books specifically about Russia and Russians, both before and after the disintegration of the powerful federation that was the USSR.


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