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Green Shoots - Best Books for Spring 2015

Green ShootsThere's a reason that spring is many people's favorite season. This year, where winter has been long and bruising for many, spring's renewal has been especially welcome. Of course, for readers, it is also a chance to take a look at the new crop of books and cull promising ones for our reading lists. In this special edition newsletter, we feature a dozen novels to be published in April and early May that are promising to blossom into great reading experiences. We hope you find many to your taste.


Best World War I Books for Book Clubs

This special book club feature highlights books set during WWI - both fiction and nonfiction, to bring you new perspectives on this pivotal world event. We hope these selections will give you much fodder for discussion and debate as you look back on events 100 years ago. And, of course, they also are excellent choices for individual readers, not just book clubs!


Six Up & Coming Young Adult Fantasy/Dystopian Trilogies

Long before actress Jennifer Lawrence translated Katniss Everdeen into a larger-than-life presence on the big screen, fans of young adult fantasy had already turned Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy into a highly bankable series. There's something about the transport to a completely different land populated by otherworldly characters that gives fantasy its allure, and YA fans (of all ages) increasingly relate to the alternative worlds represented by the crop of engaging fiction published in recent years.

Here we present half a dozen series (all but one anticipated to be trilogies), carefully culled from a vast field of contenders. All six are garnering reader and critical acclaim - and are ones to watch as they gather momentum and well...catch fire.


Best Book Club Books Set in China

The Year of the Goat is upon us and it's an excuse for us to celebrate with some great books set in China - perfect for book clubs and thinking readers. All recommendations are backed by an excerpt, an in-depth review, a "beyond the book" article and a discussion guide.


Say No to Sap: Sharp Reads for Valentine's Day

The NightingaleDear BookBrowsers,

Yes, love is in the air. Cupid is about to strike. But if you're tired of the cheap romance novels that are as cloying as a batch of candy hearts, we hear you. This special issue of BookBrowse Highlights recommends books that you will want to read this Valentine's Day and beyond. And if you're one who would rather celebrate the occasion with a big Bah, Humbug, if you're more liable to celebrate it as Singles Awareness day, well, we've got what you'll like too!

For a limited time you can read our full reviews and "beyond the book" articles for each featured book (which are normally available only to members).


Best February Books: A Dozen Debuts

Do you love discovering what's new in the world of books? Then you won't want to miss this roundup of a dozen debuts publishing in February - ten fiction, two nonfiction.
And for a full list of notable books publishing in February visit our preview pages


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