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2013 Wordplay Winners

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2013 Wordplay Winners

A W A N P M J A Dull B

A T Glitters I N G

T A Other F I T S

S O O A Half A D O T O

P A L P Crust, T A M T B B

W T's Life T's H

P G Before A F

A Man's G T D W A M G T D

Wordplay: T M T C, T M T Stay T S
Brian M. Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Wordplay: I G I O Ear A O T O
Mary R, Apalachin, NY

Wordplay: I Y N P O T Solution, Y P O T P
Judy B, Evanston, IL

Wordplay: I I M B T Give T T R
Jean Kirkpatrick, Madison, WI

Wordplay: H F T Best A P F T W
Doris W, Kirtland, Ohio

Wordplay: All O B T S
Sheila Co, Columbia, MD

Wordplay: A R T W Lift A B
Jean L, Independence, KS

Wordplay: I N M Cup O T
Terri O, Chapel Hill, NC

Wordplay: L N Take I C
Marga T, Mumbai, India

Wordplay: I I T Lap O T G
Beverly M, Monett, MO

Wordplay: I T S F, W It
Ron N, Hartsdale, NY

Wordplay: T S's C Always G B
Michael C, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Big Holiday Wordplay (Dec '12/Jan '13): $500 Value
Rosanne S, Franklin Sq, NY
Celia A, Takoma Park, MD
Jane G, Havertown, PA
Lori E, Wayland, MA
David G, Charlotte, NC


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