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What drives Stamos to suicide?

Created: 12/03/11

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What drives Stamos to suicide?

What do you think drives Stamos to suicide?

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RE: What drives Stamos to suicide?

I think it must have been easier for him to exit his life, than to face the shame and humiliation of what he had done. What was he thinking this would do to his family? They were left alone to grieve his death and face the consequences of what he had done. I do not see how he could have been thinking of them at all- he was just thinking of himself But then, at that point he probably wasn't thinking of anything except stopping his own pain, shame and humiliation.

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RE: What drives Stamos to suicide?

Hey, Jeann,

Yes, I pretty much agree with you...I think of Stamos as a truly good man who could not live with his guilt (perhaps more guilt than humiliation). And I wonder if suicides are ever thinking of their families; I doubt it. I cannot imagine what drives someone to that point, but in this case I really believe it was guilt and horror over the boy's death, even though Stamos truly didn't participate (knowingly) in what led to the diving board accident, he did believe he SHOULD HAVE known.

Thanks for asking a great question!

A.J. (author)


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