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SO...Who "done" it?

Created: 06/06/12

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SO...Who "done" it?

Was it Jennifer? Was it the greedy son? Was it the seemingly too concerned daughter?

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RE: SO...Who "done" it?

I certainly consider Jennifer or Mark as being capable and having motive. I never really suspected Fiona. Having read the conclusion of the book, my questions were answered. I was glad to know why the crime scene seemed to offer so few clues to the police. The conclusion cleared up this small mystery, too.

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RE: SO...Who "done" it?

I never really thought Jennifer committed the murder. I had very strong feelings about Mark until the end of the book. Once Fiona admitted committing the murder, things really fell into place, including the clean crime scene.

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RE: SO...Who "done" it?

I thought that Mark had the motive and never really suspected Fiona. What a surprise!

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RE: SO...Who "done" it?

I did not suspect Fiona, I thought it might have been Mark because earlier in the book he seemed to be going off the deep end from drug use.


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