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The Death of Lady Gwendolyn

Created: 07/24/13

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The Death of Lady Gwendolyn

Did you think that Dolly let Lady Gwendolyn die because she figured she was going to be included in the will? Shock no doubt contributed to her reaction, but do think there was something else going on?

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RE: The Death of Lady Gwendolyn

I don't think she let her die . It seemed to be an accident. Dolly was fond of the crotchety old woman and knowing how suspicious the nephew was she would've take such a chance.

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RE: The Death of Lady Gwendolyn

The thought briefly crossed my mind, but ultimately no, I don't think so. She seemed fairly happy living there and feeling like she was someone special to another person. I think, too, her biggest reason for wanting money later was to escape her lousy living conditions, but when she was still living with Gwendolyn, she seemed to be at a point in her life when she was pulling away from Jimmy. I thought later she was just using him


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